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Manufacturing the Sale 
Create a sustainable, measurable process model for new business development, marketing and sales support

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Presenter Todd Zielinski

   Todd Zielinski, Managing Director and CEO

Need a Better Way to  Develop New Business?

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Time: *11:00 AM EST - 
60 minute presentation   (check your time zone)

Join us for the 60 minute Webinar that looks at current sales environments and the common issues facing companies today. This webinar offers a  process model that that can help you overcome these obstacles and set yourself up to obtain more qualified leads and increase your company's revenue! 

You will learn:

  • The current situation within sales environments as it pertains to new opportunities and new account development
  • The negative ramifications of lack process and structure within these areas 
  • The importance of modeling a process and creating a division of labor model
  • The criteria for any viable solutions based upon the existing structural/sales growth needs
  • How to create a process model that meets this criteria  -  how/what is done and integration of the process model with existing sales/marketing team efforts and staff
  • How to quantify return on investment and link that back to sales revenue growth plans
  • Choosing between internal or outsourced options

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